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Younger Years

Gwen grew up in New Jersey and always had an interest in art. It was noticed from a young age that she had an inner talent that needed to be explored. She took private lessons her entire youth that focused on clay, pencil, and painting. 

young gwen.JPG

Early Career

After attending FSU and Rutgers, Gwen and her soon-to-be husband, Dave decided to head to warmer weather and move to Jacksonville, Florida. They married, started a family, and in between raising three children and being a stay at home mom, Gwen began attending art festivals with her family. 



These days Gwen is focused more than ever on her art. Over the years, her art has won many awards and she has donated her talent and painted several murals in local elementary schools to bring art and smiles to the kids. Gwen is currently represented by the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida. She continues to paint every day.

tbe mural1.jpg
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